About Klarman Consulting
Business Computer Services

Server And Desktop Support

Install and troubleshoot hardware and software


Upgrade outdated hardware to improve system performance


Install new computer workstations and configure to appropriate client needs


Setup and configure printer and fax machines

Virus and Spyware Removal

Provide cost effective antivirus and spyware solutions to protect valuable data.


Scan and clean virus when systems are infected


Keep Antivirus and firewall updated


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Internet and Email Connections

Install and maintain Internet services


Setup email systems and maintain email accounts


Troubleshoot Internet connection issues


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Data Backup and Recovery

Backing up your data is very important and helps to ensure that you will not loose any of your important information, photos, documents, programs, music, and videos.


We will set up your backup system and teach you how to use it. Back up systems can run on external drives and or the internet.


If something unfortunate does happen such as a hard drive crash, power surge or virus, we may be able to recover data and files.

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Networking services

Design and install networks that are custom designed to meet your business needs


Install and configure routers, switches, hubs and other networking equipment


Install additional network data communication locations (VPNs)


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Infrastructure Installation Services

Setup and installation of wiring for data networks, voice-over-ip lines, utilizing copper, coax, fibre optic and twisted pair as well as associated components. Installations performed by our certified partners.














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Preventative Maintenance, Repair and System Upgrades

We come to your place of business and keep all your computer equipment running at its peak performance. We provide repairs, maintenance and upgrades. Ask about our low cost customized service plans.






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